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How to use “Desktop Sticky Note” in MacOS

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Desktop Sticky Note - メモ

I am programming as one of my jobs.
As part of that, I create and publish applications targeting MacOS.

It is a Mac application called “Desktop Sticky Note” already published …
For upgrading to add defects and functions, it became necessary to prepare a usage manual.

Therefore, in this article, I will write a basic operation manual compatible with the new version 1.01 of “Desktop Sticky Note”.
Several features have been added since last version.
Also fixed bug that was confirmed.

If you are using a Mac computer …
Please take a closer look at “Desktop Sticky Note” on this occasion.

What is Desktop Sticky Note?

I am currently using the main computer for Mac.
The desktop is kept in a state that it is refreshing without placing anything usually.

“I want to make use of the desktop space that is worthwhile.”
“I want to put something on the desktop and make some useful applications that are useful.”

From that idea, I decided to create a desktop memo app.
And it was “Desktop Sticky Note” that was completed.

“Desktop Sticky Note” is an application that displays simple notes on the desktop as its name suggests.
Multiple notes can be displayed / edited.
It is also possible to change colors, change the size of letters and memos.
Still, It has only basic functions, so anyone can use it immediately.

The merits of Desktop Sticky Note

The benefits of using “Desktop Sticky Note” are as follows.

·Making a note of what you are thinking makes the inside of your head refresh
·Effective utilization of desktop space
·By devising how to memorize, you can manage progress, project management, etc.

Making a note of what you are thinking makes the inside of your head refresh

Because We are thinking about various things from day to day in our head …
If the state continues as it is, the moody feeling will continue.

Let’s quickly write out what you came up with using “Desktop Sticky Note”.
By doing so, you no longer need to think in your head many times and it will be refreshing.

Since “Desktop Sticky Note” allows you to create multiple memos …
“INBOX”, “What to do today”, “What will be done tomorrow”, “What will be done this week” etc, usage like GTD is also possible.
Of course, it is effective even just to write down what you’ve noticed.
How you handle notes depends on you.

Effective utilization of desktop space

My desktop is in a state with nothing as refreshing.
But it’s a desktop so I’d like to show something here.
So, I tried to display memos.

If you display a memo on the desktop, you can have the opportunity to see the note many times.
So if you write important matters in this memo, you will never forget it.
Writing your dreams and often seeing it is also effective as it leads to motivation improvement.

By devising how to memorize, you can manage progress, project management, etc.

There is no restriction on the sentences left in the memo.
It is possible to edit it as you like.
Therefore, depending on the way of how to memorize, you can use various ways.

Could you come up with a progress management or project management?
Separate notes such as “TODO”, “Unresolved”, “In progress”, “Completed” and assign tasks there.
When the state changes, you will redistribute the task.

I am using it for confirmation of what I should do now and what I must do.
It is easier to organize information overwhelmingly by leaving it as a memorandum than thinking in your head.

What you do with “Desktop Sticky Note” is just a memo …
There is a possibility that this effect is immeasurable!

How to use Desktop Sticky Note

Let’s look at the basic usage of “Desktop Sticky Note”.
I made it for anyone to use immediately, I think that there is nothing particular to get lost.
If you read the explanation below, you can understand roughly.

Control Panel

When you have just launched the application, only the control panel is displayed.
In this control panel, you can control the display and non-display of the entire application and memo.

Desktop Sticky Note - コントロールパネル

The control panel has six icons.
From the top left, “Move”, “Power”, “About”.
The lower row shows “New”, “Hide”, “Show”.

You can move the control panel by dragging it on the “Move” icon.
Click the “Power” icon to close the application.
When you click the “About” icon, information (author information) about the application is displayed.
Click the “New” icon to create a new memo.
Click the “Hide” icon to hide all notes.
Click the “Show” icon to display all notes.

Memo (Note)

When you click the “New” icon on the control panel, the following screen will be displayed.
This is the memo screen.
Represents a note.

Desktop Sticky Note - メモ

On the memo screen, there are several icons at the top.
From the left, it is “Move” “New” “Save” “Setting” “Delete” icon.

You can move the memo screen by dragging it on “Move” icon.
Click the “New” icon to create a new memo.
Click the “Save” icon to save all current memos.
Click the “Setting” icon to display the memo setting items.
Click the “Delete” icon to delete the memo.

Memo setting items include “Size”, “Color”, “Font Size”, “Opacity”, “On Top”, “Auto Save”, “Control Panel”.

“Size” sets the size of the memo.
There are “Small”, “Medium”, “Large”, “LL (Add)”, “3L (Add)” and “4L (Add)”.
With this version, you can now create larger notes.

“Color” sets the color of the memo.
Please choose a combination of “background color / character color”.
There are “white / red / green / blue / yellow / purple / orange (add) / ash / black (add)” as the background color.
Character colors are “black” and “white (added)”.

“Font Size” sets the character size of memos.
Since there is a size from 11 to 21, please choose the size you like.
Personal recommendation is “17”.

“Opacity” sets the transparency of the memo.
Please choose whatever you like between 0.1 and 1.0.
The closer to 0, the more transparent it becomes, and the closer it is to 1.0, the more opaque it is.
Personally, I like around “0.7”.

“On Top” determines whether the memo is always displayed on the top surface.
If set to True, notes will be displayed before any screen.
When set to False, it becomes the normal display method.

“Auto Save (Add)” sets whether or not to enable the function to save memos automatically at fixed time intervals.
Off (default) disables it.
When you set it from 30 minutes to 120 minutes, automatic save is done at that time interval.

“Control Panel (Add)” sets display / non-display of the control panel.
When it is set to “Show” it will be displayed, if it is “Hide” it will be hidden.
If you think that it is in the way if there is a control panel, please hide it with this setting.


In this article, I summarized the basic usage of my own “Mac Desktop Sticky Note” Mac application.
What do you think?
It seems that operation is not so difficult, is it?
Rather, I think that it is easy.

“Desktop Sticky Note” simply displays the notes on the desktop …
Depending on how you use it, it will be a very useful tool.
By the way, the price is 720 yen at the present time.
As future updates and support are included, is not it expensive at all?

If you have a Mac computer and you are looking for a memo app …
If you do not mind, why not try my “Desktop Sticky Note”?
I am glad if you like it.

* At present, it is still version 1.00.
I am planning to upgrade the version a little more, please wait a moment.

Check “Desktop Sticky Note”

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